Special Event Volunteers
may serve as timekeepers,
scorers, and assistants in other
tournament functions.   
Coaches are a vital part of
SOOC.  In addition to teaching
athletic skills, they promote the
values of sportsmanship and
friendship through their
interactions with the athletes.
Special Olympics Orange County
Volunteers provide main-streaming experiences for athletes, increasing their
integration and socialization opportunities. They are role models and character
builders, giving the athletes the most immediate awareness of their own worth, ability,
courage and capacity to grow and improve.
Volunteers can serve in a variety of roles, both on-field and off. They serve as
coaches, officials and timekeepers, administrative assistants and media liaisons.
Volunteers enable Special Olympics Orange County to offer sports training and
competition programs to nearly 275 individuals in Orange County with intellectual
disabilities. Special Olympics would not exist today - and could not have been
created - without the time, energy, dedication and commitment of the more than 250
Get Involved
Please print and return completed application to the SOOC office at 200 Plant Rd,
Chapel Hill, NC 27514 or fax to 919-932-2923.
Athletes range in skill level from novice to very competitive, allowing coaches to
find a team that suits their own knowledge and skill. No prior sports knowledge is
necessary, only enthusiasm, flexibility and a desire to have fun!
200 Plant Road, Chapel Hill, NC 27514. Our telephone number is 919-968-2810 and fax number is
919-932-2923. All e-mails may be sent to Colleen Lanigan, Coordinator, at
Volunteers include family members of athletes, students, senior citizens,
business people, amateur and professional athletes and coaches, teachers, and
many others.

Students can receive volunteer service learning hours. Large volunteer groups are
always welcome to help with tournaments, or come out and play one of our teams
in a friendly competition.